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Charm Evolution® first cancer care solution to integrate with My Health Record

Magentus’s Charm Evolution® software has become the first digital oncology management solution to achieve integration with My Health Record.

In an Australian first, a chemotherapy event summary can be automatically uploaded to My Health Record when the treatment day is complete via Charm Evolution®, giving a cancer patient’s treatment team instant access to records detailing the full patient journey.

Charm Evolution® is an Oncology Information Management Solution (OIMS) supporting the therapeutic management of cancer, enabling specialists to manage all patient information and communication.

My Health Record, operated by The Australian Digital Health Agency, provides a safe and secure place to have key health information available to patients and healthcare providers at any place and time, including pathology and diagnostic imaging reports, prescription and dispensing information and hospital discharge summaries.

Charm Evolution®’s integration with My Health Record now provides specialists with easy access to health documents for each patient in their care, a simple and intuitive interface putting patient records at the user’s fingertips and enabling a range of documents to be added to the record.

Specialists are now able to enter a patient’s details to access vital documentation including:

  • Health Record Overview
  • Specialist Letters and Event Summaries
  • Advance Care View
  • Allergies Prescription and Dispense View
  • Immunisation View
  • Pathology Report and Diagnostic Imaging Report Views

Charm Evolution® also enables specialists to upload a range of My Health Record documents as part of the existing clinical workflow including:

  • Chemotherapy event summary when the treatment day is completed in Charm Evolution® 
  • A prescription record when using Charm Evolution®’s scriptwriter module
  • Specialist letters from the Charm Evolution® document manager

Magentus General Manager Stephen Lynch said:

“We’re proud to offer Australia’s first integration between an Oncology Information Management Solution and My Health Record. Previously there have been no records of cancer appointments and treatment available in patients’ My Health Record profile. Now when the patient’s treatment pathway is uploaded, that information becomes available to the whole global village looking after the patient with cancer, providing vital clinical information.”

The Australian Digital Health Agency provides online training, webinars and a range of other resources for healthcare providers to learn more about My Health Record:

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