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Build better health
outcomes for Australians

We work with developer partners looking to build solutions for our specialist practices.

Connect with over 1,800 Gentu® practices
with our easy to use API

Better serve
your users

Our easy to use API enables you with a seamless transfer of health data and practice workflow information, allowing you to meet your customers needs.

Find and convert customers

By integrating with us, your app will be listed on our marketplace and have the potential to reach over 1,800 specialist practices.

Raise your

Get discovered more easily and build trust in your brand by collaborating with a trusted name in health technology.

Build with

Our data is protected by multiple layers of defence including physical, network, and encryption, and is stored across multiple separately-powered data centres to ensure stability.

Our use cases



Enable transcription workflows by displaying appointments and attaching transcribed letters to patient records.




Manage consent management workflows with ease for data collection and privacy compliance.

Coming soon


Streamline appointments through efficient, user-friendly online booking systems.


The developer platform is for companies serious about delivering better health outcomes for Australians, whether you are a developer wanting to integrate or extend your product with rich health data, or a doctor with an idea on how to improve your practice.

We curate our marketplace to ensure our practices are provided with high-quality and reliable solutions that help solve their problems.

Once your app is ready, submit your application for review. Our team will work with you to ensure the solution is safe and delivers a great shared experience to our users.

The developer platform is currently in beta. If you would like to participate in the beta phase of the platform you can contact us below.

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