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by Nuance

Integrated with Gentu®

Dictate once and be done with your documentation

Magentus has partnered with Nuance – a world leader in voice-to-text technology – to build Voice with a high level of dictation accuracy that learns how you speak, so you can dictate once and have your documentation where it needs to be. Voice users complete their documentation within an average of 3.5 minutes, so you can dictate while you’re with your patients, immediately after an appointment or in your free moments and free up your time.

Voice can help you

Spend less time on documentation

The accuracy and speed of Voice helps you create clinical documentation for a patient in one sitting. Simplified workflows minimising the need for review or external typists means you can keep your work in billable hours, or even increase patient load without needing to worry about keeping up with dictation.

Increase practice productivity

Efficiency improvements can enable you to see more patients, optimise billables, and open up capacity to better your practice in other ways. Voice aids in efficiency by reducing time and costs required by admin staff and typists, and making documentation seamless in Gentu.

Deliver better health outcomes

Voice enables you to complete your documentation faster, so letters can be returned to referrers and patients sooner. The auto-saving capability and speed of Voice also ensures you can create letters with a high level of detail quickly, and quality isn’t sacrificed if you get interrupted.

Dictate letters
in 3 minutes or less

Based on the average dictation completion time in Voice

Save 5-8+ hours
per week

Based on 20 letters per week, taking 15-20 minutes each.

Over 12% of Gentu® users use Voice

to optimise their workflows and complete documentation faster.

See how Voice can transform your workflow

Voice features

Dictate faster with auto-text

Auto-text fields allow you to work faster and populate your dictations with frequently used phrases or formatting.

Dictate anywhere with your mobile

Use the app anywhere with internet and make the most of your day.

Advanced accuracy

Voice uses over 20 years of AI learning and accuracy increases the more you use it.

Grow a custom vocabulary

Easily spell out words that are unfamiliar to Voice and simply add these to your vocabulary to use them in the future.

Fully integrated with Gentu letters

Automatically populates letters in Gentu® so you can go from dictation to a ready-to-send letter in minutes.

Interrupted? No problem.

Voice auto-saves dictations so you can come back to them without losing any detail.

Hear what our customers have to say


Voice uses Nuance’s speech recognition engine which has grown over 20+ years so its out-of-the-box capabilities are advanced. Given the variations in pronunciation and words across different medical specialties, there will be some time needed at the beginning to train the app to your way of speaking which can include correcting text interpretations. This small amount of time spent initially will mean long-term efficiency gains when it comes to how quickly you can complete your documentation.

You can expect an impressive level of accuracy once the app is trained to dictate your unique voice.

Yes, Voice is available for both iPhones (iOS) and android phone users.

To use Voice, you will need a smart phone, a Gentu® subscription and the internet. You will also need to download the Voice app from the app store.

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