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Meet Magentus – A new global name in intelligent healthcare

As healthcare systems across the globe evolve at an unprecedented rate, we are taking the biggest step in our history to help our customers tackle the challenges of today and embrace the opportunities of the future. 

We are doing this by bringing together our three leading health brands under one new brand – Magentus. 

Together as Magentus, we are helping create a healthier society by empowering intelligent healthcare. We are evolving from our foundations as a global health technology company with deep expertise across clinical systems, practice management and health informatics. Joining with our customers and partners, we are building a future where healthcare networks harness the full power of innovative digital technology.  

Across pathology, radiology, oncology, maternity and practice management, we are connecting the health ecosystem and transforming digital healthcare at scale.​ Driven by our dedicated teams across the globe, our success reflects our passionate commitment to improving healthcare outcomes. 

Solid foundations built on experience  

Magentus builds upon decades of continuous innovation across our solutions, delivering greater insights, flexibility and streamlined workflows for our customers. This is how Wellbeing Software became UK market leaders in radiology, data management and maternity. It’s how Citadel Health took connected pathology and oncology nationwide in Australia and has swiftly taken hold across the UK. It’s how Genie Solutions has made medical specialist practice management its own. Each has pushed forward their fields in exciting new ways. Together as one, they open exciting new pathways to future-proof the vital health services our customers deliver. 

Networked for success 

Magentus draws together the best of every solution to establish a world-class platform for a bold new collaborative future. We’re helping improve productivity across healthcare networks by creating efficiencies that reduce wasted time and duplication of effort. Scaling our game-changing solutions at a faster rate and across a wider area than ever before, we’re merging deeply specialised workflows, interoperability and integrated healthcare delivery. 
Clinicians and patients at the heart  
Together we help combine powerful insights and data to support more effective clinical decision-making. By breaking down silos across clinical domains and geographies, we enable smarter collaboration, precise and personalised care, and better patient outcomes. 

We may have a new name, but our promise remains: empowering intelligent healthcare to create a healthier society. 

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