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Peninsula Health to implement Charm Evolution® for oncology care

Oncology doctor with patient

Patients to benefit from region’s first oncology information management solution

Magentus is supporting better outcomes for patients with cancer in Victoria by helping Peninsula Health roll out the region’s first end-to-end oncology information management solution.

Peninsula Health is the public health service for the Frankston and Mornington Peninsula region, responsible for operating six major sites including Frankston Hospital and Rosebud Hospital. 

The service has recently entered an agreement with Magentus (formerly Citadel Health) to roll out the market-leading Charm Evolution® software to enhance chemotherapy treatment delivery and boost its capacity to provide safe and timely patient care.

Peninsula Health has a well-established and extensive cancer service incorporating Medical Oncology and Haematology, Chemotherapy Day Units (CDU), an Inpatient ward, Infusion Centre and Symptom Urgent Review Clinic (SURC).

It also provides Home based Cancer Care (HBCC) and an after-hours phone service, conducts clinical trials and research, and offers palliative care and allied health support services.

The oncology team receives more than 400 new referrals every year and has a catchment area of approximately 300,000 people from the Frankston and Mornington Peninsula region.

Peninsula Health will be implementing Magentus’s Charm Evolution® solution to improve patient safety by removing paper and related transcription errors, to develop a logical workflow that eliminates the current back and forth communication process, and to provide an evidence-based protocol library with all required medications and supportive care.

About 250 users across Peninsula Health will be utilising the system, assisting with greater transparency internally and externally and supporting timely delivery of care.

More time for patient care

Helen Cooper, Peninsula Health Executive Director – Operations (Chief Operating Officer), said clinical information that is vital to a patient’s care journey will become much more accessible across the multi-disciplinary cancer team and related clinical services.

“From a clinical perspective, by decreasing paperwork – particularly around medication administration – we can increase efficiency across the board and free up clinicians to spend more time on patient care. We also look forward to Charm Evolution® being able to help us decrease patient waiting times thanks to the improved management of cancelled or rescheduled appointments.”

Helen said the ability of the software to directly integrate with existing systems and My Health Record will help streamline workflows and ensure the most up-to-date treatment information is available to the entire care team from anywhere, at any time.

“We are also looking forward to being able to use the data reporting and auditing capability for better governance and quality improvement.”

Once live, Peninsula Health expects to be able to increase capacity both in treatment units and for clinical trials.

Christopher Ladds, Magentus APAC CEO, said Magentus is proud to be partnering with Peninsula Health to help provide better care and health outcomes for patients.

“We commend Peninsula Health for taking this step towards more coordinated and integrated care for patients, and we look forward to playing our part in supporting that care journey. Streamlining communication, reducing duplication, and moving from paper-based to digital information sharing are all ways we can help clinicians and patients alike, in keeping with our vision to create a healthier society through world-class technology.”

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