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Magentus appoints Christopher Ladds to lead APAC team

Global health technology company Magentus has appointed experienced healthcare executive Christopher Ladds to lead its team in the southern hemisphere as CEO of Magentus APAC.

Christopher brings more than 26 years in healthcare industry leadership and global consultancy roles, driving national transformation programs in both the UK and Australia through technology and process innovation. 

This includes rolling out major national NHS health technology integrations such as the Emergency Care Solution across England’s ambulance services and helping to establish Australia’s national electronic health record system.

Christopher said that launching his healthcare career via an NHS modern apprenticeship at just 15 offered crucial insights into the front-line of health ecosystems and showed how better design and support can vastly improve people’s lives.

“That experience at the patient level helped me see the vital role technology can play in helping people working at the frontline of care. I’ve been able to draw upon those learnings to redesign systems and deliver effective crisis management, placing the patient experience at the heart of every decision.”

The right tools for better care

Christopher said managing complex transformations in both the public and private healthcare sectors has highlighted the importance of giving clinical teams the right tools to deliver better care. This requires forging alliances with others working in the health eco-system and partnering closely with customers to address their most pressing needs and help future-proof care.

“It’s about using technology to better connect teams and to automate parts of the clinical workflow, ensuring the right information is in the right place at the right time. I’m excited to be joining Magentus right now because I see a real need for the benefits our solutions are delivering and how they’re going to help my grandparents, my mother, my father, and those closest to me.

“I want to make sure our solutions evolve to meet changing demands and that we’re helping those clinicians, nurses and radiologists make the right decisions as quickly as possible, saving as many lives as possible.”

Christopher will oversee Magentus’s Clinical Systems, working alongside Michele Blanshard who will continue to lead the Practice Management division across the organisation.

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