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Dragon Medical One

by Nuance

Integrated with Genie®Gentu®

A secure, cloud‐based
voice-to-text solution

Dragon Medical One enables you to dictate quickly and accurately in order to dramatically reduce time spent at your computer on clinical documentation. You can use a microphone, headset or the PowerMic mobile app to dictate directly into the Dragon Medical One window on your computer. Once finished with your dictation, you can then easily insert this into your letter, consult notes, or anywhere else you can enter text with the click of a button.

Transform your documentation workflows

Turn letters around faster and get hours back in your week

Dragon Medical One reduces the time required to produce clinical documentation, giving doctors faster turnaround time on their letters and hours back in their week. Research performed by Nuance has found Dragon Medical One is 3 x faster than typing and 2 x faster than professional typists.

Experience accurate dictation with a rich medical vocabulary

Powered by the latest AI technology, Dragon Medical One Speech Recognition achieves up to 99% accuracy with no voice profile training required. Its voice profiles learn and improve continuously and are bolstered by automatic microphone calibration and recognition of accents.

Secure and reliable software to help keep your practice protected and online

Dragon Medical One is hosted by an ISO27001 certified cloud service, includes end-to-end encryption of data in transit and at rest, and reports uptime of over 99%. This keeps your patient information protected and provides a reliable workflow.

See how Dragon Medical One works

Why choose Dragon Medical One with us

Use Dragon Medical One to dictate into any program

Dictating into the Dragon Medical One window allows you to insert your dictated text into any program that allows text to be inserted. This means you can use Dragon Medical One for as many aspects of your workflow as you need, without worrying about additional integrations.

Bundle Dragon Medical One with your existing invoice

We can bundle your monthly or yearly Dragon Medical One licence into your existing invoice. If you have an existing Dragon Medical One licence with another provider, we can also move this across to Magentus so you're able to consolidate your payments. Contact us to organise this.

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