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Integrated with Genie®Gentu®

Faster claim processing and payments with ECLIPSE

Transmit inpatient claims directly to the major Australian health funds from within Genie® or Gentu® using ECLIPSE. This removes the need for time-consuming manual processing, speeds up claims and payments, and enables a completely paperless workflow.

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Benefits of ECLIPSE claiming

Easily see exceptions to resolve

ECLIPSE will provide a process report soon after you submit your claim detailing any exceptions so it's clear if you need to take action. This enables faster resolution of exceptions which minimises delays in the claim payment cycle.

Automatically reconcile paid claims and invoices (Gentu only)

When you are paid for a claim, Gentu® will automatically apply this payment to the invoice so your finances stay accurate and up to date, while minimising admin time regarding reconciliation.

Improve efficiency and financial accuracy with faster claims payments

Most claims lodged using ECLIPSE are paid in 31 days or less, which enables more accurate month-to-month reporting.

Minimise manual claiming steps

There's no need to fax or post claims or resubmissions for exceptions – everything is handled in Genie® or Gentu®.

Claim for known gap and no gap procedures

Submit claims using ECLIPSE based on your practice's gap preferences.

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