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Online Patient Registration

by Magentus

Integrated with Genie®

A paperless workflow for collecting patient details and referrals

Create custom patient forms that can be sent via text message to your patients. Your patient can then fill this out online before they visit your practice, as well as attach required documents such as their referral.

Once the patient submits their form, their demographic information populates their patient file in Genie® which saves your administrative staff valuable time by removing the need to manually enter details.

Female Doctor Wearing Scrubs In Hospital Corridor Using Digital Tablet

Why Online Patient Registration?

Save up to 15 minutes per patient

Every minute matters when you're running an efficient medical practice. Online Patient Registration saves administration staff time with every patient visit, so they can spend their time in more effective ways than re-entering paper-based forms.

Collect the information your practice needs

Every specialist practice is different which is why Online Patient Registration lets you create your own form entry fields. You can also collect referrals or other required imagery from patients for a more detailed patient record.

Improve your data accuracy

No more paper forms for patients means you no longer have to manually enter their information into Genie®. Online Patient Registration automatically populates fields in Genie® so you can save time while ensuring the accuracy of patient information.

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