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Patient Payments

by Ezidebit

Integrated with Gentu®

Reduce admin time related to invoicing and payments, and improve your patient experience

No more phone payments, manual claims, following up invoices or fixing terminal errors. Patient Payments by Ezidebit simplifies your payment workflow and tracks claims, deposits and payments made within Gentu®, so you can get paid accurately and focus on ways to help your patients and your practice.

With Patient Payments, you can use one system to manage in-practice (Eftpos) and online payments. This lets patients pay when and how they want which improves their experience when visiting your practice.

female patient chats to the nurse whilst paying at reception of medical practice

Why Patient Payments?

Patients can pay online with ease

Invoices can be sent via SMS or email for instant payment; there’s no need for patients to go into the practice physically or give credit card details over the phone.

Our user data also shows online invoices are paid by patients within <2.5 days on average.

No double-handling of data or manual reconciliation

Transactions made online or in-practice through Patient Payments are all tracked in the Ezidebit online portal, which means you don’t need to manage or merge information from other methods of payment.

Secure with no hidden fees

Patient Payments is a simple and secure payment solution with bank level security, fast funds turnaround and no hidden fees.

Free training to empower your staff

Ezidebit offers free training at a time that suits your practice to empower your staff to take action on outstanding payments, so you get paid for every procedure.

Get control of your finances

Patient Payments tracks all transactions made in Gentu® with its direct integration. This way, it’s not possible to lose sight of outstanding payments and claims which can result in loss of revenue and ageing debt. You will have full visibility through Patient Payments’ simple and accurate reporting.

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