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Specialist Bookings

by HotDoc

Integrated with Genie®

An online booking solution that saves you time without losing control of your appointment book

Specialist Bookings by HotDoc fills gaps in your appointment book and reduces phone calls and manual steps, all without losing control of how you manage your appointment book and triaging process. You will have full control over which times and appointment types to make available for bookings, whether you accept new or existing patients, and whether you accept bookings with or without a referral.

Specialist Bookings can help you

Keep your appointment book full and flowing without phone calls

Specialist Bookings helps fill gaps in your appointment book and optimises your time by reducing phone calls and manual steps. You will have full control over which times and appointment types to make available for bookings and the ability to reject or accept booking requests. This means you can fill the gaps you want to fill, while gathering the patient information you need with less effort and time required.

Give your patients a great experience with easy online bookings

Give patients the flexible, online experience they expect with 24/7 booking requests and easy online referral uploads. This seamless, modern experience will give patients a positive impression of your practice and can set you apart from medical providers who have long phone-hold times and manually handle referrals.

Reach more potential patients and referrers

Specialist Bookings can automatically prompt patients for a Google review shortly after their visit which increases the care-factor they receive and your practice’s online reputation.

Your practice will also be listed on the HotDoc website, enabling hundreds of potential patients to find your practice online and request a booking.

Booking features specialists love

Accept appointment requests 24/7

Patients can request an appointment with your practice via your website or the HotDoc website.

Set your own referral requirements

Customise which appointment types need a referral and allow patients to upload referrals when they book for less manual follow up.

Accept or reject booking requests

If a booking request comes through and there is an issue with the referral or type of booking, you will have the option to reject the request.

Customise times and appointment types

You will have full control over which times and appointment types to make available for bookings.

Syncs with Genie appointment book

Any updates you make in your Genie® appointment book will automatically be updated in your available bookings on HotDoc.

Prompt patients for reviews

You can choose whether to enable automatic requests for Google reviews to take one more manual step off your admin staff's shoulders.


No, Specialist Bookings is an add-on designed specifically for the needs of specialists. It includes more control over what times and types of appointments are available for patients to book, as well as the ability to capture referral documents during the booking process.

If you are a GP using Genie® who is interested in HotDoc for GPs, please get in touch with HotDoc directly as they have a separate product for GPs.

You will need a Genie® licence, everything else we can organise for you. Simply fill out the form below and we’ll set up a time to go through a demonstration and discuss next steps.

If you have a regular time of day you would like to block from appointment requests (such as every Tuesday 9am-12pm), you will be able to block off this time slot in the HotDoc Dashboard.

If you are trying to block bookings for a specific time as a one off, you can block the appointment slot in your Genie® appointment book with a dummy appointment which will make the slot unavailable for new bookings.

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